What We Do

Description Of Service

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    Send Us Your Details
    Fill in your details on our ‘Contact Us’ page with a brief description of your property including the location
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    Property Evaluation
    We’ll evaluate your property to ensure it aligns with our extensive model
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    Contact, Q&A and Results
    We’ll make contact, answer any questions you may have and arrange a time to view your property (if your property suits our model)
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    Lease Agreement
    Sign the lease agreement and rent your home
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    Nothing More To Do
    Nothing more for you to do! Sit back, relax and have comfort knowing your property is in good hands

Why Choose Us?

We pride ourselves on providing our guests a “5 Star” experience every single time by ensuring the property is well looked after, in pristine condition and well presented at all times. After each stay the property is professionally cleaned, keeping it spotless and maintaining an immaculate presence. We also take care of any minor maintenance annoyances such as light bulb replacements, loose cupboard doors, etc. We will take the monkey off your back making your investment as stress free as possible.
Your property is in safe hands as we screen every guest to make sure they have stayed in Airbnb before and have multiple glowing reviews. We ensure they have identification checks and are the ideal guests to stay in your property. We will also check your property after every stay (Not every 6 months like a standard lease agreement). We have a strict No Party, No Smoking and No Pets policy which must be adhered to at all times.
We are experienced property professionals with a passion for creating “5 Star” experiences for not only the guests but also the property owners themselves. We have never missed a rental payment or broken a lease, and nor do we ever intend to!
A normal tenant will use your washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, dryer, TV, Kettle, etc. almost daily with a lot of wear and tear. A typical Airbnb guest rarely uses these amenities/appliances and most of our guests never do, meaning they will last much longer. A massive bonus ensuring you get the most out of your furnished property.